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We create things that last.

The digital world is in a constant state of upheaval, but businesses don’t have to be. Our products and services are tailored to the long-term needs of our clients and built to accommodate modernization as circumstances change.

  • App Development & Management

    Our team takes an iterative approach, responding to stakeholder feedback with each sprint. We use modern configuration management and IT automation (DevOps) practices to efficiently deploy software on multiple platforms including Windows, variants of Linux, macOS and iOS. Future-proofing is baked into our process—we create flexible, scalable software that can grow according to business needs.

    Success story: Added fortifications give a time management desktop application a security upgrade.

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  • Systems Administration

    Our systems administrators provide a comprehensive suite of IT infrastructure support services, including Office 365 administration, asset lifecycle management, cloud services, and more. Working with all major operating systems, Cornerstone’s sysadmin team delivers best-in-class IT and logistical support both remotely and, as needed, on-site.

    Success story: A distributed staff streamlines workflow and simplifies resource sharing with managed IT services.

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  • Data Science / Decision Tools

    To put the data our clients rely on at their fingertips, we start by listening—expertise matters, but when it comes to the translation of research to a usable tool, empathy matters more. We strive to understand the perspectives of all stakeholders so that our deliverables seamlessly support a variety of needs.

    Success story: Carefully designed output from a microsimulation model via a web-based decision tool can inform choices about treatment for ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS).

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  • Data Center Management

    Key operational functions depend on successful data center management. We understand this, and we monitor and analyze change, capacity, power, and space to increase efficiency, guard against threat, and maintain rock solid IT infrastructure for our clients’ mission-critical activities.

    Success story: How does a consortium of cancer researchers maintain continual access to new and historical data?

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  • Software Modernization

    Knowing when and how best to modernize is key. We consult on whether to customize an off-the-shelf product, leverage in-place technology, or build an entirely custom solution. Our team has considerable experience developing and customizing content management systems; workflow control systems; regulatory inspection and enforcement systems; standards-compliant and cross-browser compatible enterprise applications; custom mobile, desktop, and server software.

    Success story: A retrofit enables PIV smart card login for a suite of mission-critical enterprise applications.

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  • Enterprise Applications

    It’s not unusual for clients to have a crystal clear understanding of the problem they need to solve but only a preliminary idea of how the solution should operate. We welcome that! Our team shines at helping stakeholders identify technical restraints, design and architecture specifications, and a clear scope and timeline for their projects.

    Success story: An application proxy reduces security vulnerability and threat exposure for a federal agency.

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  • Data Center Migration

    Our relocation team executes secure data center migrations with downtime measured in seconds. They prepare, simulate, and think pessimistically about every step in the process, revise their preparations, and repeat. This pessimistic perspective is often missing in the milieu of rosy forecasts from vendors and looming deadlines, but safeguarding client data and minimizing downtime are realistic objectives for relocation teams that employ it.

    Success story: Zero user impact was the name of the game for this federal agency’s cross-country data center migration.

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