deep valley between two mountains
deep valley between two mountains

We don’t look like it, but we’re fanatics.

Real people depend on our products and services to carry out the critical work they do in pipeline inspection, cancer research, medical care, and more. Meeting their needs is our paramount concern.

Who we are:

We’re a group of passionate and empathetic designers, developers, analysts, and administrators, striving to build the culture, skills, and tools that will allow us to become the best in the world at creating custom software and IT solutions. Government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, mom-and-pop shops, and research organizations; teams of all sizes and persuasions use our software and processes to sustainably accomplish great things.

Where we’ve been:

Founded in the Pacific Northwest of the United States in 1999, we’ve served both public and private clients including: The National Cancer Institute, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, University Of Washington, Stanford University, University of Michigan, Memorial Sloan-Kettering, Allergan Inc., Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, the US Department of Transportation, and the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Where we’re headed:

Together with our clients we are building a community that delivers excellence in software development, delivery, and support via a workplace that values mentorship, fosters professional growth, and nurtures sustainable lifestyles. Every day we work to become better at what we do and how we do it.

Abbey standing on rock outcropping above lake
headshot of smiling woman wearing glasses


Graphic Design Intern

Abbey has a Communication Sciences and Disorders degree and supports CSNW’s visual communication through graphic design. She enjoys the challenge of transforming illustrations from paper to webpage to create unique visuals.

Alberto and partner sampling sausages in Madrid
headshot of smiling man


Junior Software Developer

Alberto hails from the Dominican Republic and came to the US to earn his Master’s in Nutritional Sciences, after which he found a passion for transforming ideas into web products. When he isn't coding, he’s cooking, playing drums, reading, or producing music.

Allen and family smiling under American flag
headshot of man


Software Developer

Allen holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science as well as a Master’s degree in Information Systems Management. Although he’s a technology hobbyist, he spends most of his free time exploring nature and having fun outdoors with his wife and children.

David and partner playing card game
headshot of smiling man wearing glasses


Systems Administrator

David has an Associate degree in Computer Network Technology. When he isn’t working or diving headfirst into new technology just for the fun of it, he can be found playing video games, guitar, or board games with his wife in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Emma composing music with keyboard and computer
headshot of smiling woman


Website QA/QC

Emma splits her time between website and UX QA/QC and international music studies. She enjoys hiking, reading, traveling, and meeting new people.

Gavin smiling in front of trees and mountains
headshot of smiling man outdoors


Systems Administrator Intern

Gavin discovered his love for working on computers after reading a book on cyber security. He now has his Network+ and Security+ Certifications. When he’s not tinkering with computers, he’s doing schoolwork, reading, and playing baseball with friends.

Holly posing in snow at bus stop
headshot of smiling woman


Marketing & Communications Director

Holly has a Bachelor's degree in English and a background in advertising, public relations, and customer support. A Professional Certified Marketer, she loves creating narrative and design solutions to communications challenges.

Janeal in braids on hiking trail
headshot of smiling woman wearing glasses


Business Operations Lead

Janeal happily handles all things administrative so that the rest of the team can code to their hearts’ content. In her free time, she likes being active, picking sunflowers, playing the piano, eating healthy foods, and spending time with her siblings.

Julie in skis on mountain slope
headshot of smiling woman wearing glasses


Software Developer

Julie graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor's degree in Telecommunications. After serving as a US Peace Corps Volunteer in Paraguay, she found software development and now uses her skills to help others access and analyze information.

Kate on hiking trail in front of mountain peak
headshot of smiling woman wearing glasses


Assistant to the Business Operations Lead

Kate performs all manner of office logistics support including physical mail handling, filing, scanning as well as pickups and deliveries of all sorts. In short, she moves the atoms. Additionally, she is a busy community college student and works part-time at a local bakery.

Lauren in garage cutting lumber
headshot of smiling man wearing glasses



Lauren started CSNW with a background in health-science microsimulation modeling and a passion for developing decision support tools. He enjoys working with both clients and staff, delivering web-based knowledge management and decision support tools.

Lon in cowboy hat with horses
headshot of slightly smiling man with beard and moustache


Scientific Affairs Director

Lon has been designing, implementing, and conducting statistical analyses on numerous federally funded technology-based behavioral interventions for over 20 years. Currently living in Boulder, CO, he has co-authored several award-winning research publications.

Michael posing at beach with young cousin
headshot of smiling man


Research Data Analyst

Michael has over twenty years experience working with complex data systems in the arenas of pipeline safety and healthcare. Proficient in multiple data manipulation languages, he provides vital analytic experience to interdisciplinary research teams.

Michael ballroom dancing with dance partner
headshot of man wearing glasses


Software Developer

Michael has a Bachelor's degree in computer science and a background in web-based application development. Living in the Pacific Northwest, he enjoys snowboarding in the winter and hiking in the summer. He also loves dancing and playing games with friends.

Paul reading to son about volcanoes
headshot of smiling man wearing glasses


Technical & Business Operations Director

Paul’s focus is IT administration, IT standards compliance, streamlining operations, and data analysis. With Windows network security and UNIX administration expertise, he’s skilled in web application diagnostics, scripting, and IIS and application servers.

Peter and partner smiling on windy beach
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Development Team Manager

Peter’s areas of expertise include custom information and content management systems, cutting-edge web standards and technologies, and user interface design. His projects include inspection-support applications and microsimulation model user interfaces.

Shaun in beanie posing before panther painting
headshot of smiling man wearing glasses


Software Developer

Shaun’s focus is public and private web-based application development. He also works with systems automation and programming in support of document management systems, online education, and compliance reporting for government-based standards auditing.

Stephen with toddler daughter and bows in his hair
headshot of smiling man


Senior Software Developer

Stephen has over eight years of experience herding people through the MS stack. He has found himself in strange places like Eastern Europe and Hollywood and now resides in the Pacific Northwest with a stack of three computers and an even taller stack of books.

Thomas hiking with toddler son on his shoulders
headshot of smiling man wearing glasses


Senior Systems Administrator

Thomas started his career at CSNW as an intern in 2014 while earning an Associate degree in Computer Network Technology. When he’s not working, tinkering, or playing with computers, he enjoys bouldering, cooking, skiing, and hiking with his wife and son.

Wilson playing chess with his laptop
headshot of smiling man wearing glasses


Junior Software Developer

Wilson has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and in English and is fascinated with the overlap between language and code. In his free time he enjoys searching for new music to listen to, reading fiction and nonfiction alike, and painting landscapes.

Zachary and partner smiling in front of waterfall
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Software Developer

Zach holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Mathematics from Western Washington University. When he isn’t doing abstract algebra or programming his computer to play a game for him, Zach plays piano, unicycles, and enjoys video games with friends and family.

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