Job Opening

Scientific Projects Lead


We are looking for an individual with strong organizational skills and an aptitude for scientific research to help our clients manage multiple interdisciplinary scientific projects in the areas of health, policy, and disease control.

If you are a software developer or data scientist interested in applying your skills while also moving toward broader leadership roles, this is an excellent position for you. You will be able to turn your debugging skills toward processes instead of code, and you will have the opportunity to collaborate with researchers, data scientists, decision scientists, international senior scientists, and software engineers.

If you enjoy the satisfaction of working behind the scenes to help ensure a group meets its goals, this job is for you. You will help our clients move their projects to the finish line.

As the Scientific Projects Lead, you will be responsible to oversee specific scientific projects and activities related to Cornerstone’s clients in the academic/scientific markets. You will be the one ensuring our staff are in the right place to deliver the highest value possible to our clients. And, as client’s needs dictate, you’ll be the one actually delivering that value by using your skills in data science, software development, and data visualization to supplement our larger team’s efforts.

You will have the opportunity to attend scientific meetings (approximately 2-3 meetings per year) as a scientific liaison, and potentially present research and research tools to academic audiences.

Core Requirements (You'll need these things to be eligible.)

  1. Master’s degree or greater in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering, Management or related field (candidates with bachelor's or unrelated degrees and sufficient real-world experience in the subject matter may also apply)
  2. Background or interest in Data visualization, Stochastic Simulation, Data Science, Decision Science, and/or Statistics
  3. Two to five years of experience in software development, data visualization, scientific study design, project management, or a related field
  4. Strong time management skills
  5. Tact and humility
  6. Strong communication skills, in English, both verbal and written
  7. Willingness to endure a rigorous set of interviews and assignments to determine capability and suitability
  8. Must be a strong self-starter and able to work well independently with honesty and integrity
  9. Must be eligible for US employment
  10. Must pass US Government background check / security clearance

Desired Skills (Those you don't have, you can expect to develop working with us.)

  1. Systems analysis:

    • Ability to listen to and interpret project specifications from clients into a format that software developers can understand
    • Ability to listen to and interpret technical constraints and approaches from developers into a format that clients can digest
  2. Management:

    • Ability to listen to and motivate team members
    • Ability to give timely and succinct feedback to team members and clients
    • Ability to create and sustain a positive work environment for team members and clients over time
    • Budgeting and forecasting
    • Ability to cost out a project based on input from clients and developers
    • End of project/cycle review and learning
  3. Technical:

    • Scientific software development and statistical modeling
    • Performance profiling and variance reduction techniques for simulations
    • Usability design of decision support tools
    • Accessibility testing and remediation
    • Collaboration on peer-reviewed scientific papers
  4. Soft skills:

    • The art and science of presentation to diverse audiences
    • Empathetic candor
    • Day planning and generally working effectively in a remote context
    • Leading from the side

The Way We Work

  1. Remotely (we’ve been a remote team for 20 years)
  2. Agile methodology
  3. Pivotal Tracker
  4. GitHub Flow
  5. Slack
  6. Daycast


Hours: Full time

Please submit a cover letter, CV/Résumé with references to: Use Subject: Scientific Projects Lead

Principals only please

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